Monday, March 23, 2009

Emily's Wedding

Brandon's sister Emily got married a couple of weeks ago. I loved getting to do her hair and help her get ready! It was so fun. All of Brandon's siblings made it to her wedding which made it a really special day.

Here is all of them together, except the bride. It is always a sight to see all of them together. Brandon, Cheri, Becky, Julie, Chad, Tami, Travis, Rachelle, and Jonathan. What a beautiful crew!

Brandon and I posing for a pic together. Weddings always remind me of how grateful I am to be married to him! If ya look really close he has a black eye!! He got beat up by his 3 year old daughter. Who knew?


Buffy said...

Challis - you are beautiful, as always! How lucky for Brandon's sister to have you in the family to do her hair. She looked great!

Nick and Lisa said...

You are so sweet and talented and Emily is lucky to have you! Her hair looked good! It is amazing to see all Brandon's brothers and sisters together! Love the pict of you and Brandon-I'm with you on other peoples weddings make me think of my own! lokking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!