Saturday, June 28, 2008

the falls

The Falls!
We are still trying to visit fun things around our new town. Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market. Along the way, Rylan spotted a bridge across the river and a pathway to this little falls. They teach me everyday to stop and notice the little things in life that I would probably look over in my busy hectic adult life!

My mini me!

Everyone calls Alliyah my mini me. Which I have embraced since Kaylee doesn't look a whole lot like me, and Rylan is a spittin image of his dad. I never realized how much she wanted to be me until the other day. She came downstairs with a bra on and said
"When I am a mommy, I will wear one of these things too!" If only the look on my face could be photographed at that moment!

Brandon's Birthday

Happy 29 Birthday Brandon!

The kids want to help blow out those candles so bad! You can even see they are all puckered up and ready to blow.

He wasn't too thrilled for his birthday, until he saw his present! I know we are the last family on the planet to own one, but we like to avoid the hipe and overpricing. Even when 30 is knocking on the door, he is still a kid at heart! That is why we love him so much !!!

By the way, who knew that ice cream cakes would be such a bugger to cut into! Reed's dairy make the best ice cream, so I couldn't resist.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Idaho Falls Zoo

Ky loved the animals!
Daisha and Alliya !

Mr. Rylan!


The whole crew!

Exploring Idaho Falls!

The Idaho Falls Temple Visitors Center!
My mom and sister Mandy brought my niece and nephews to Idaho Falls to visit a few places. Our first stop was the Temple! It was so beautiful that day. The lawns were scattered with newlyweds capturing the first precious moments of their marriage. The girls were captivated by the dresses and all the excitement!

Jensen's Grove

Summer has finally arrived! I decided to take Rylan and Alliya to Jensen's Grove to play for the day! It was so fun. Alliya saw a little family playin next to us and yelled REALLY loud....."Hey Mom, they speak Spanish!" Thank goodness for Dora the Explorer :) ha ha

Friday, June 6, 2008

MV Graduation

My sister and sister-in-law graduated from Marsh Valley High School this year. This event brought back really great memories of my graduation, but also the sad realization that time is passing so quickly. It seems like the class of 1997 just graduated last year, not 11 years ago! I am so proud of Tami and Aleshia, and I am so excited to watch the next chapter of their lives unfold.

Latest Family pics

Last fall we got some pictures taken by Gugelman Photography in Rexburg, ID.
Alliya wasn't quite so thrilled about having her picture taken, but we ended up with some good pics anyway. Needless to say, we won't be doing it again for awhile! I love photography and my kids are getting used to me putting a camera in their faces all the time!

The new house

We are so excited to be in our new house! The building process was so fun and yet very exausting. Now we just need a yard to go with the house. We have been in Idaho Falls since February! It has been a fun new adventure and we are excited for our new life here.