Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kaylee turns 9

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Kaylee was at her dad's for about 6 weeks and we missed her birthday, so we had it a little late! She loved getting clothes, jewelry and of course teen magazines! Alliya's birthday is July 8 and Kaylee's is July 9, which always makes for a fun party. I was sad that she left an 8 year old and returned a big 9 year old. She was in good hands and had lots of fun with her other side of the family.
They missed each other way too much! I love that they adore each other!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Chapter

So I started school on Tuesday. What an adventure! I was scared to death and asked Brandon on a daily basis if I was doing the right thing. I NEVER thought I would go to school for cosmetology. I feel like this path has just crept up on me for the last few years, almost like it chose me. I feel like this is something that I could be good at and work from home so I can be there for my family. My motto for the year is "Family Comes First". If I can stay true to this, everything else will fall into place!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My love!

My Husband!

This picture was taken in Lava Hot Springs. We had so much fun, but this picture means so much more than a trip to the pool! This is a tribute to my husband Brandon. He is such great dad. The kids adore him and always ask when dad is off work. I never believed in soul-mates before Brandon. I thought that there was a handful of people you could be happy and make a life with. I know we chose each other to share this life together. He makes me want to be better without saying a word. We are at a point in our relationship that we finish each others sentences and know the other persons looks. I truly love him and I am so grateful for the angel my Heavenly Father sent me almost 8 years ago!

Miss Alliya turns 3

Happy Birthday Alliya!

We had a birthday party at Grandma's house with her cousins! It was a hawaiian party! So much fun!

We decorated the kitchen just for her! She even got a special birthday chair to sit on.

She wanted mini cupcakes for her birthday. The candle was bigger than the cupcake!

Rylan took this picture of us! I can't believe that my baby is three! Wow, time flys.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tagged- highlight a friend from high school!

My Wendi!

I got tagged by Jess. The idea is to highlight a friend from high school. My dear friend is Wendi. My world seemed to fall apart when she moved to St. George after 10th grade. A short 13 years later and we are still best of friends. It seems wierd calling her my friend when she is really like my sister. A month can pass by between phone calls and yet it seemed like just yesterday. Our lives seem to take on parallel paths like God put us here to experience life together. She knows my secrets, my fears, and all my hopes. (yet she loves me anyway) I am so grateful for her kindred spirit placed in my path to help in this crazy world.
I absolutely love this picture! It symbolizes so many things. To me, it is the magical bond that lies within families.
Tagged Rachelle, and Kim

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th

We were all excited about the 4th! We watched the fieworks from the soccer fields by our house. They were actually really good. Despite my extreme allergies and Alliya's horrific fear of fireworks it was a great day!


Every Monday and Wednesday are now consumed with T-Ball. Rylan loves it and gets up early every day that he has a game! Ya gotta love anything that gets your kids excited about life.

Rylan and his buddy Ethan

Dad catchin the play by play from 3rd base.

At least he has his game face on!