Monday, January 26, 2009


Brandon and I were engaged 8 years ago today. Wow! It really did seem like yesterday until I looked at these pictures. Here is our wedding announcement and another engagement picture. They were taken up Logan Canyon. A few little details from the day.........He wanted to go shopping in Logan so we went. When we got to Logan he just drove past the mall and said he wanted to show me something. We ended up at the temple around sunset where he got down on one knee and proposed in front of quite a few people. To this day, I still have never seen him that nervous!

Aww to be 22 again! ......Wait never mind......I just want my jean size back!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The infamous Challis ID

Here's the back story: All growing up people would ask me, "Are you from Challis, ID", "Were you born there", "Have you been to Challis" ..... you get the picture. So, I decided that since I had never been there before, I would take the voyage for my 30th birthday. We dropped the kids off at my moms for the night and just the two of us left on our adventure. I was hoping for a little self discovery along the way. Now for the next 30 years I will have a different response to the never ending, redundant, and expected questions associated with my name.
(My parents got the name from a girl that my dad knew before my parents were married.
That is an entirely different story that I haven't got to the bottom of yet.)

My cute escort!!!

By the way, I officially visited Challis Park, as you can see! Somehow it was so funny while we were there. How many people have actually reach their own destination? ha ha

As you can see, it was a giant town. It is actually amazing beautiful this time of year.

As my CRAZY journey towards self discovery came to an end, I realized that I am no closer to discovering who I really am than before I left. What I did discover is how each day I am blessed to have an amazing best friend by my side to help me figure it all out. He pushes me to become better and embraces all the junk in between. Muah, love ya Brandon.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Family fun!

My family came to my house for Christmas this year. My friend Buffy came over to take this fanastic picture of us all. It has been a whole year since we all have been together.
Here is all 5 of us! My older brother Mark and cute little sisters, Mandy, Heather, and Aleshia.
I feel so blessed to have them in my life! All the years growing up in the same house, and we still like each other......amazing isn't it.