Thursday, July 10, 2008

My love!

My Husband!

This picture was taken in Lava Hot Springs. We had so much fun, but this picture means so much more than a trip to the pool! This is a tribute to my husband Brandon. He is such great dad. The kids adore him and always ask when dad is off work. I never believed in soul-mates before Brandon. I thought that there was a handful of people you could be happy and make a life with. I know we chose each other to share this life together. He makes me want to be better without saying a word. We are at a point in our relationship that we finish each others sentences and know the other persons looks. I truly love him and I am so grateful for the angel my Heavenly Father sent me almost 8 years ago!


dandjyoung said...

What beautiful thoughts about your man! Finding the right one is truly a blessing I've got mine and I'm glad you found yours.

K&A Mago said...

Challis ~

That is so sweet..It makes me miss my husband..I am here in Idaho Falls, he is in Boise until November or December and the kids are with my mom until our house sells and we can buy another one..This week I am at my brothers...Next week...Well, we see next week..

I am glad Heavenly Father sent you someone special you deserve the best!

Buffy said...

That is so sweet Challis - you have a cute little family.

Rachelle said...

That is very sweet. I'm so glad your happy, so many people don't have that luxury. I know for me the second time was a charm!!!!