Monday, July 7, 2008

Tagged- highlight a friend from high school!

My Wendi!

I got tagged by Jess. The idea is to highlight a friend from high school. My dear friend is Wendi. My world seemed to fall apart when she moved to St. George after 10th grade. A short 13 years later and we are still best of friends. It seems wierd calling her my friend when she is really like my sister. A month can pass by between phone calls and yet it seemed like just yesterday. Our lives seem to take on parallel paths like God put us here to experience life together. She knows my secrets, my fears, and all my hopes. (yet she loves me anyway) I am so grateful for her kindred spirit placed in my path to help in this crazy world.
I absolutely love this picture! It symbolizes so many things. To me, it is the magical bond that lies within families.
Tagged Rachelle, and Kim


Jessica Potter said...

Thats a very sweet picture. Good to hear about Wendy!