Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kaylee turns 9

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Kaylee was at her dad's for about 6 weeks and we missed her birthday, so we had it a little late! She loved getting clothes, jewelry and of course teen magazines! Alliya's birthday is July 8 and Kaylee's is July 9, which always makes for a fun party. I was sad that she left an 8 year old and returned a big 9 year old. She was in good hands and had lots of fun with her other side of the family.
They missed each other way too much! I love that they adore each other!


Belnap Family said...

She is such a pretty girl, I hope she had a fun birthday! Thanks again for last week, I felt so pampered and pretty! Oh, and by the way I think I ate that whole thing of cinnamon rolls by myself, Greg might have had 1. Seriously, they were so good!