Saturday, June 28, 2008

Brandon's Birthday

Happy 29 Birthday Brandon!

The kids want to help blow out those candles so bad! You can even see they are all puckered up and ready to blow.

He wasn't too thrilled for his birthday, until he saw his present! I know we are the last family on the planet to own one, but we like to avoid the hipe and overpricing. Even when 30 is knocking on the door, he is still a kid at heart! That is why we love him so much !!!

By the way, who knew that ice cream cakes would be such a bugger to cut into! Reed's dairy make the best ice cream, so I couldn't resist.


Belnap Family said...

mmm... I love Reed's Dairy ice cream, I've never tried one of their cakes before!! I am dying to come see your house, it looks so gorgeous inside!

We were also left in the dust with the Wii. We still don't have one though...what losers.