Monday, September 29, 2008

Good big brother

The nice addition to Rylan's head was achieved through very graceful moves.......he fell flat on his face on the sidewalk! He managed to do this on his way to the bus stop. Thanks goodness the Madsens live right by the bus stop and Buffy made it all better with a car Bandaid! All Alliya kept saying was "What happened to my brother's brain" She just loves her big brother!

We had movie night and Speed Racer was so good that Alliya fell right to sleep on her bestest big brother! AWWWWW


crack'n up ourselves said...


Belnap Family said...

The best was when he told me he "ate his head" on the sidewalk. I think he meant to say his head ate it. I was cracking up. Poor guy. Band-aids always make everything better.

Kristine said...

That is the most precious picture of the two of them!