Saturday, November 29, 2008

Feeding my addiction!

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

I went to see Twilight with my Mom and little sister on Wednesday night. I posted some of my favorite scenes in the movie.

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

I loved when they walked into school together and everyone was looking at them!! It reminds me of something I would do. Oh and Edward looked like a babe in the shades.

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

The first kissing scene. One word......WOW!

My sister had never read the book and she decided after the movie that she is waiting for Edward! Loved it! It obviously wasn't as good as the book, but it was still dreamy!


Jessica Potter said...

I totally agree.. I am slightly obsessed. I have gone 3 times with different friends and family! Edward is delish and my favorite part of the whole movie is that scene when they get out of the car together and he is in the James Dean sunglasses. My heart twitters. I need a life!

Belnap Family said...

OH you crack me up. I will agree that he is very good looking. I never read the books, but went to see the movie, and it was really good. I'm glad I have nothing to compare it to though. I kinda can't wait to see what happens next...hope the next movie come out soon