Sunday, May 17, 2009


I got to do hair for some of the high school's Proms. Which by the way, around here they call it commencement. What? Isn't commencement what they call graduation? The kids say that the name was changed in order to prevent kids from doing risky things just because its prom. Wow! good plan adults lets change the name and pretend our kids are idiots. Prom is Prom.....let it be.

I only wish they were in their dresses!!!
This was so fun!

She is a stunner!


Nick and Lisa said...

Their hair is gorgeous! You did amazing work!! You are super gifted in the hair department(;! See ya this weekend!(Did you see anything you wanted on my blog so I can bring it with us?)

allisonrhead said...

SO I have to tell you the one girl in the white who's hair you did is my cousin...crazy small world!!! you did awesome!!

jen said...

oh I bet that took a long time. but very beautiful! nice work!

crack'n up ourselves said...

Love the hair!