Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brandon's birthday the big 30!

My hubby is 30! Its about time he joined the club. He had to work on his birthday, but we still had a little party for him. Thanks to my friend Hailey for babysitting, we got to go see Transformers 2. I love you babe!


Nick and Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!! We are so proud of the dad and husband you are to your family! You are an amazing friend/brother to us as well and we appreciate all you do for us!

Nick and Lisa said...

happy birthday you old fart.... i only have a few more months till i'm old too i guess. your a great friend and i feel blessed to know you.. thanks, and happy birthday brandon. nick

Tim and Stacey Cardon said...

Brandon's a young buck! Tim joined the club a year ago! I think I'll stay 26 for a couple more years!