Monday, February 9, 2009

Makeup class

My school offered a makeup course the last two weeks and unfortunetly I wasn't able to take it. As sad as I was, I was still able to be a part of it, well a little bit. My cute sister Heather got to model for my friend Kayla. I got to be the assistant in the morning. Here is Heather right before the shoot. I will post pictures of the photo shoot when I get to see them.

Aww here is Kayla and Heather. They are both amazing looking huh! What an awesome career path I am choosing. I get to play dress up all day long.


jen said...

holy cow your sister is like a brunette version of you! that makeup class sounded SO sweet. i'm anxious to see the results...

Krissandra said...

Sounds like fun! To bad I couldn't take it too.... I think I am just having to much fun being a mom right now.

I agree with jen your sister does look like a brunette verison of you!!
And good ol kayla. Such a sweet girl.

Hope all is going well!!