Monday, March 16, 2009

Hair show in Boise

This last weekend I went to a hair show in Boise with Randi, Annie, and Stacey! Wow!
It was so awesome, overwhelming, exhausting, and most importantly FUN! We drove up Saturday after school and made it to Boise just in time to head to Cheescake Factory! There is nothing like carbs late at night! The next day was full of classes and ohhhh the products and tools! This is one of the classes we went to by Pureology!

Randi, Annie and I in the Redken class.

I hope to post a few more soon. Thanks Stacey for letting me steal your pics. (unknowingly)


Tim and Stacey Cardon said...

Hey Chally, no problem!Ha! (about the pic's) I had such a good time. That seriously was the first time I even got ready all week! We all made a good little group!

Nick and Lisa said...

Looks like you gals had fun! Can't wait to see more picts. Bummed we didn't see you our last trip to ID.Promise we'll make up for that!!